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Admin: NH Plant 1st to Get CHIPS Funds 12/11 06:18


   WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Biden administration said Monday it would provide $35 
million to BAE Systems to increase production at a New Hampshire factory making 
computer chips for military aircraft, including F-15 and F-35 jets.

   This is the first allocation of incentives from last year's bipartisan CHIPS 
and Science Act, which provides more than $52 billion to boost the development 
and manufacturing of semiconductors in the United States.

   The Commerce Department's choice of a military contractor instead of a 
conventional chip manufacturer reveals the national security focus of the law, 
as more and more weapons systems depend on advanced chips that could be 
decisive in both preventing and fighting wars.

   President Joe Biden signed the incentives into law in August 2022 partly out 
of concerns that a military attack on Taiwan could deprive the world of 
advanced computer chips and plunge the U.S. into a recession.

   "We can't gamble with our national security by depending solely on one part 
of the world or even one country for crucial advanced technologies," said 
Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo, who called the investments a "once in a 
generation opportunity to advance our national and economic security and create 
a thriving, long lasting domestic semiconductor manufacturing industry."

   The coronavirus pandemic revealed the fragility of computer chip supplies as 
a worldwide shortage curbed U.S. auto production and pushed up prices around 
the start of Biden's presidency.

   Biden in a statement said the incentives his administration is providing 
have already led to more than $230 billion in planned investments in 
semiconductors and electronics.

   Biden has gone to a planned Intel factory in Ohio and a new Taiwan 
Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. plant in Arizona, as well as touted in New York 
investments by IBM. The president has made these financial commitments part of 
his pitch to voters ahead of the 2024 elections, saying his policies have 
energized the U.S. economy.

   "Over the coming year, the Department of Commerce will award billions more 
to make more semiconductors in America, invest in research and development 
capabilities to keep America at the forefront of new technologies," Biden said 
in a statement.

   Government officials said the investment in the BAE Systems' facility will 
ultimately save money for taxpayers. The money being paid out as the company 
hits benchmarks will help quadruple the plant's production capacity, helping to 
halve the price of making the chips and leading to net savings for the federal 
agencies buying the chips.

   White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan said NATO allies and 
partners in Asia also will benefit from the increased capacity. But he stressed 
that an expanded manufacturing base was essential to protect the U.S.

   "We do not want to be in a position where critical national security needs 
are dependent on faulty foreign supply chains," Sullivan said. "We do not want 
to be in a position where another country can cut us off in a moment of crisis."

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